Munich is better than Berlin!

Most of the tourists, while thinking about visiting Germany, think mostly about Berlin. Other cities, which are equally amazing, are often forgotten. And this is the mistake! If you plan to visit Germany this year, you should definitely consider visiting another city, which has plenty to offer for visitors. This city is Munich – the capital and largest city of Bavaria. Continue reading “Munich is better than Berlin!” »

Visit your own country during this holiday!

Many people associate holiday destinations with places and cities located abroad in foreign countries. It is hard to say what it often works this way. However, one thing is sure – it doesn’t have to be like that. It becomes more and more popular to discover culture and history of your own country during holiday. This idea is amazing and is definitely worth to be considered! Continue reading “Visit your own country during this holiday!” »

Tokyo – the city of festivals

Many people, while thinking about possible holiday destination, think about typical places with mountains or beaches. However, it might be worth to try different approach this year. Have you ever considered to visit totally new place, not because of its beaches, but because totally different reasons? For example, because of amazing festivals which are conducted in the city? Continue reading “Tokyo – the city of festivals” »

Ideas for holidays with children

If you have ever travelled with children, you know how difficult it might be to plan engaging attractions for them. While adults might be interested in typical tourist sights, children usually need something much more engaging, otherwise they would not be afraid to say loudly that they are bored and want to do something else. This short article will present possible tourists attractions for children in two cities located in different continents. Continue reading “Ideas for holidays with children” »

Suggestions of holiday destinations for summer

The holiday season has already started. Many people come back to the places they already know. Some of them just follow family and friends, without even asking themselves where they would want to go and what they would want to see. However, the fact that you read this article mean, that you want to try something new, and that you look for some new, exciting suggestions of possible holiday destinations. This article will present two possible destination – one for people who look for something around Poland; another one located much further, in Asia. Continue reading “Suggestions of holiday destinations for summer” »