Ideas for holidays with children

If you have ever travelled with children, you know how difficult it might be to plan engaging attractions for them. While adults might be interested in typical tourist sights, children usually need something much more engaging, otherwise they would not be afraid to say loudly that they are bored and want to do something else. This short article will present possible tourists attractions for children in two cities located in different continents. Continue reading “Ideas for holidays with children” »

Suggestions of holiday destinations for summer

The holiday season has already started. Many people come back to the places they already know. Some of them just follow family and friends, without even asking themselves where they would want to go and what they would want to see. However, the fact that you read this article mean, that you want to try something new, and that you look for some new, exciting suggestions of possible holiday destinations. This article will present two possible destination – one for people who look for something around Poland; another one located much further, in Asia – see more. Continue reading “Suggestions of holiday destinations for summer” »

Try new holiday destinations this year!

Many people spend their holidays at the same sea almost every year. Very often they sunbath on the same beach, stay in the same apartment and even eat in the same restaurants. It might be nice, as coming back for already known things and places might give a feeling of safety and belonging. However, much more exiting is leaving the comfort zone. Even though it might be hard at the beginning, you will not regret it. Therefore, try something new this holiday. Visit other place, and other country. Try destination, you have never considered before! This short article will give you to ideas of holiday destinations, that might be an inspiration for you! Continue reading “Try new holiday destinations this year!” »

Holiday destinations for students

Young people, especially students, love to travel, discover new places, meet new people, and even take some risk when it is needed. All of these factors make them really good travellers. However, there is usually one thing that is a barrier between students and endless happy journey. This thing is obviously money. Usually it is hard for students to make any savings for holiday from their already rather tight budget. The good news is – there are plenty of attractions you can do totally for free as a tourists. We know them and we want to share them with you! Today, we will focus on two cities in two different parts of Europe. Continue reading “Holiday destinations for students” »

Tourist attractions in London

London is definitely one of these cities, that everybody should visit at least once in their life. However, many people, especially the young ones, complain about high cost related to visiting and discovering London. To all these people, I decided to create a very short guide that would convince them, that you do not have to be rich to visit and enjoy London. There are plenty of tourist attractions, which you can enjoy totally for free! Continue reading “Tourist attractions in London” »