A few reasons to visit Italy

Without any doubt, Italy is one of the most amazing countries in the world. Millions of tourist visit it every year, and many of them come back many times later. If you have not been in Italy yet, it is the highest time to change this situation. It is almost sure that you will fall in love with this country!
One of the most famous Italian thing is… Italian food! As it is a part of so called Mediterranean Food. It is full of herbs, olive oil, olives themselves as well as seafood. Furthermore, everything is fresh and smells beautifully! You probably already know the most famous Italian food such as spaghetti and pizza. However, if you have not tried them in Italy yet, you have no idea how real pizza and spaghetti should taste like. Most likely, the one you have tried in your country is only a bad imitation of the real Italian version, which is full of tastes and great smell. Furthermore, many Italian restaurants are family run. Thanks to that, they put plenty of love into every single meal. Therefore, it is not that unusual to receive for example spaghetti with delicious homemade pasta! In fact, food in Italy is not only food. It is so much more. It is a crucial part of life. And you should not harry up any meal. You will have a chance to experience this special approach and love toward food in Italy – you will sit with Italian and enjoy the meal, not only eat. Furthermore, many Italian regions have their own specific specialities. If you will travel through Italy (https://www.lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-to-milan), make sure you try all of them, as they are definitely worth it! And obviously we cannot also forget about famous Italian wine and cappuccino!turkey-938845_640
Italy is also famous for its history. Once you are there, you will have a chance a totally amazing ancient world! You will have a chance to visit the famous Colosseum, where gladiators were fighting with wild animals to death. Furthermore, you could also see the ancient Roman cities, such as Pompeii, Herculaneum, as well as Ostia Antica. It is truly unforgettable experience to go there and stand at the ruin of the buildings, which used to be full of life and full of important events in Ancient times. Once you are there, you will have a chance to hear many fascinating stories about how an everyday life used to look like, how cities were built, what citizens where doing, what was their traditions and believes. It is truly fascinating journey right into ancient times! Furthermore, there are also best-preserved Greek temples, which will take you into the world of ancient gods and goodness!