Are you planning an alternative trip to New York?

Something for the person who is in New York shortly, but not too short as the classic 3-4 days. We recommend that you spend half a day with this set on a small “escape” from the bustling juggernaut. This may be the coast from the Brighton Beach or Point Rockyway but a great choice will be Staten Island, totally unsuited to this city.

Islands to swim a huge passenger ferry, which runs between the main harbor and dock on Staten Island. The course lasts less than half an hour, ferries run every half hour and are free. We see the statue up on the doorstep starboard sail towards the island. Water Station offers free, fast Wi-Fi. The island is a great alternative to some of the very discharge of Manhattan. Life here is very different. But really quite. We experience here, not a single high-rise, shortly after leaving the harbor greeted us old, often the nineteenth century Victorian buildings, including the old town hall. Continuing alley, we go into the quarters of the historic buildings from this period. Houses here are beautiful, not high placement on a slope made an impression and in addition all enhanced the spring in the form of dozens of blooming magnolias.fdny-1131273_640 It is safe to walk the streets, few cars here. If we have to buy airline tickets New York – Warsaw it’s worth to go there at the very beginning. Another interesting island is one of the better kept secrets in NY to Governors Island, about 10 minutes away from Manhattan deserted island. Currently, it is home to some of the finest parks and art exhibitions, as well as a great place for a picnic with a view of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. You can rent a bike for free and tour the whole island in half an hour. As for the travel – airline tickets New York – Warsaw are fairly cheap, you just hit the right moment or a discount. This allows us to go there, even for little money. Choosing the plane, keep in mind that it takes quite a long time. In the machine you need to spend about 8 hours just fly. For some people it may be very much. Especially if you have not flown too much. At the end – do not forget that in order to feel the spirit of the city is absolutely worth it to take part in what is happening. And this is basically around the clock. The easiest way to keep track of events on NYCgo, the official portal of events the city or on TimeOutNewYork. We have followed the news reported by the New York Polonia and we were on a date with a list of fairs and parades. So we came, among others, the parade of St. Patrick, a traditional Palm Sunday at Coney Island, concerts in the subway or on Union Square.

If you only have postponed a little money, it is worth to go to NY.