Attractions of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most spectacular places not only in entire Europe, but also whole world. it is visited each year by millions of tourist from Different countries and continents, attracted by it charm. Nothing surprising in that. it is situated next to the seashore, in very war country like Spain, and it has plenty of interesting monuments. Most of them are work of phenomenal Antonio Gaudi, genius architect, which died in tragic accident in the beginning of twentieth century. So if you are looking for some nice place to visit during your holiday, book the tickets to the Barcelona, especially if you have never been here before.

One of the interesting attraction of this city is Battlo mansion, designed by Gaudi in 1906, he created not only the building, but also entire interior design. He not raised it from the beginning, but changed structure that was already build. The entire residence is covered with broken glasses and other recycling materials, it remains animals – roof looks like a dragon, the signature of a Catalonia, and the structure next too the window looks like a bones. Next Gaudi’s design is Casa Mila, build in 1910. When he was creating it, he wasn’t using a straight draw, that because it looks like an ocean with plenty of waves. it was dedicated for wife of owner, Mila. It wasn’t completed, because architect was fighting all the time with investor. Even though, this building is by many critics called as his masterpiece.
And last but not least – Sagrada Familia, true signature of the Barcelona. Gaudi also didn’t finish this church, because he died in 1926. it is splendorous example of Art Nouveau movement – spectacular, tall Gothic -like towers and monumental Catalan

But Barcelona is not only about Gaudi. Another interesting, but ordinary, church is Cathedral of Saint Eulalia. This temple was created in fourteenth century, and it it nice example of Gothic movement. You are able to visit interior of it, but make sure you are dressed up properly, it is a temple after all.
Another interesting object is huge statue of Christopher Columbus, situated in the harbor. It was build in the exact same spot, where his ship arrives back from his journey to New World.

Barcelona is very astonishing city (check reservations ), with plenty of various attractions. You are able to admire in here one and only masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi, and also a lot of normal, more classical architecture. Everyone will find something for themselves in this magical city.