Baby at the airplane

Sometimes particular life events require from us to take an infant baby to the air flight. We are going for treatment abroad, or for important family ceremony, and we don’t know to do wit our newborn child, so it join as in our journey. You are not allowed to take on board baby younger then one week, it won’t be able to breath in fake air. After it, before your child cross the age of two years, it is better to see a podiatrist before each flight.

Any passenger at the plane need to have a passport or ID with him, even if it is a newborn child. So if you are planning a trip with a kid, make sure you have all documents needed. otherwise, your child won’t be able to enter the plane. All infants younger then two years, travelling at they parent’s lap. Ticket for them are almost for free, but additional carry-on baggage for child is not vested. On the other hand, you are able to take stroller, without extra charge. It will be taken from you right before enter on board, and returned after land. Stewardess will put it in the cabin at time of your journey. If your child is big enough to sit straight, and you have a special care chair for it, you are able to take it for your fly. Unfortunately, it cost the same as ticket for an adult, but you may take one carry-on baggage extra, but before your flight, make sure that your chair is suitable for jets.

If you are planning to feed your infant during your flight, you may take on board special formula, prepared at home, with no limits. But if you do so, you need to warn of this fact guards at security check. They will smell it and look at it carefully, probably you or your child will need to taste it. You shouldn’t be surprised about this fact, there are restricted international policies for airlines security, they need to make sure you are not transporting any poisons or acids.
Just before your flight, prepare your child for journey. You should dress it in layers, cause is hard to predict the temperature inside the plane. Take some favorite belongings, like small teddy bear or security blanket. Don’t forget to take additional diapers and napkins, even if you are planning a short trip. Prepare some medications, like sticking plasters, drugs for heat and diarrhea.

Taking an infant child on air flight, is always stressful thing. You need to take all documents required, don’t forget about any diapers or formula. If you like to make journey for your kid as comfortable as possible, make sure that you dress it up properly, and don’t forget about favorite teddy bear.