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Baggage insurance – it is necessary?

When we are thinking about future holidays we have two options to choose – an offer in travel agency or to organize entire trip by ourselves. First option is a lot more expensive, but very convenient. Even so, younger travelers better like to plan everything on their win. Here are couple of things you have to have in mind during your vacation planning.


If you are using an offer of small, airline (PLL LOT ) carriers, you can take one, medium size valise in price of a ticket. Also, if you think that it won’t be enough, you can pay extra for additional baggage, that cost about 50 Euros. Second option could be even split for several travelers if you are into bigger groups. You will share a space and price of a bag, it is very popular alternative, especially among marriages or couples in love. But another additional cost with you bag is insurance. We have an option to buy one, but if it is really necessary?

Who needs a baggage insurance?

Most of us like to save a lot of cash, choosing the cheapest seat on an airplane, only carry on bag and no insurance at all. In a lot of situations special insurance won’t be necessary, however we are not able to predict this fact. That is why if price is good we should consider to buy a policy. According to current information, airline companies are losing every 9 bag on 100 hundred, so it is very big amount. Of course if you are flying on a small distance with small, airline carrier, your luggage will be traveling in the same plane as you. But in case of intercontinental flights it may be different, especially during the transfers. For sure you hear a lot of stories of your friends about bag lost in the airport. And imagine what if something bad happen with yours, and it will contain very expensive items, like computer or camera? Of course airport need to give back your bag or just compensation in money, but it not includes expensive items. To avoid this type of unpleasant situation you should buy a baggage insurance. It cost couple dozen if Euro, depending on a amount you like to have a policy.

Luggage insurance may sound like a big waste of money, especially if you are choosing only carry on option. However if you are planning a long, intercontinental flight, you should consider to get a policy like that. Unfortunately, airports are losing a lot of the bags each day, some are stolen by stuff, a lot of them are giving back to the owners after couple of hours. But if you are about to carry some expensive items inside policy will help you to avoid even bigger lost.