Booking airline tickets online

For people who try to purchase airline tickets online for the first time, the whole procedure might seem to be a little confusing and difficult. The following article aims to present how to do it step by step.

There are many different website on which you can purchase flight tickets. You can do it either on the website of particular airline, or on one of these website that gather information and search results from many different companies.

First of all, you need to select destination where you would like to flight. For that you need to write or select city of departure as well as city of arrival. If you know the exact date when you would like to travel, you should also choose them at this stage. However, it is worth to know that on many websites you can choose flexible dates. This option is particularly useful  if you don’t know concrete dates and your priority is cheap price. If you choose it, the engine will select for you the cheapest connections for already chosen destination – chceck on
At this stage you need to also choose if you want to buy one-way ticket or a return one. After selecting the number of passengers (note that there is a division for adults and children!) you can finally proceed to the next stage.

At this stage you need to select the prefer time of departure and arrival. Please note, that presented time is local time of the place of departure and arrival. Some websites at this stage show not only flights for earlier chosen dates, but also other days of the given week. They are usually marked in different color but it is still important to be aware of this fact. Usually a choice of several flights in the selected dates is available. Once you choose the most convenient one, you can press “select” button.

Now it is time to provide personal information for every passenger. Provided names and surnames need to be exactly the same as in the document that passenger will be using during the journey. For example, if you recently got married but still didn’t change the passport, you should provide mien name. Next, you need to choose the number of luggage for each passenger. Remember, that you do not need to choose a hand baggage (read more . In booking form you are asked to choose only the number of the registered baggage.

Many airlines offer many services that are additionally, such as priority boarding (that allows to enter a plane without standing in the queue) or travel insurance. Remember, that they are not obligatory.

The last stage is providing contact details (be sure that you share a valid e-mail address!) and payment. Once you provide details of your credit or debit card, the reservation number and its updated status (confirmed) should appear on the screen.  Confirmation will be sent also by e-mail.