Carry-on baggage at plane

At the moment, travelling by plane is the best mode of transportation for a lot of people. Great comfort of your journey, Trip from one part of Europe to another lasting only couple hours, very low prizes of tickets, because of cheap airline companies. Every year, more and more people are choosing air flights. If you are planning just a one week trip, most of the time you don’t buy your checked baggage, cause all of thing you need, will fit in carry-on. But before your flight, make sure what you can or cannot take on board with you.


Depending on airline company you chose, there are another bag dimensions allowed. You have to make sure if your baggage is in good size, to avoid any unpleasant moments before your flight. You will find all required information at the website of your carrier, dimension, weight, amount of objects. If you know how how big your luggage can be, make sure to weight it when it is packed, because if it will be to heavy, you will pay an extra cost for it. Most of companies require to take one carry-on baggage and one purse, backpack, or laptop case with you. But beware, it also cannot be to big, cause security or flying attendant will take it away from you.

Forbidden object

business-1149630_640The only disadvantage of carry-on baggage is that you are not able to put there a lot of stuff. If you like to take some cosmetics with you, you have to make sure, that it fit in bottles not bigger then one hundred milliliters. Then, all of it you need to put in transparent, plastic bag, one liter top. Another forbidden things, are objects with sharp edges. You have to make sure that you are not having any scissors, knifes, nail-polisher or skewers with you. If security will find any of it at your bags, they will trough it away immediate. Also, you cannot take a tea or coffee in your thermos, cause any kind of liquid have to be packed the same way as cosmetics. If you like to have some hot beverage before your flight, you could get it at duty free zone. But you are allowed to take some snacks or sandwiches with you, but only for a short flight. At long distance journey, flying attendant may ask you to trough it away, cause it could get spoiled.

Flying with carry-on baggage is very good, economical option for those, who don’t need to take a lot of stuff with them. But you have to know couple rules of what you can and cannot take on board. Otherwise, you will experience some unpleasant moments at checking point, when security will trough couple of your belongings away.