Carry-on baggage

Every year, more and more Polish people are travelling by plane, to any possible directions. We are choosing domestic flights to get from one city to another, we are spending longer weekends at European metropolis. Some of as are going on a trip to other continents, using long distance flights. And doesn’t matter which kind of journey we are planning, the regulations about carry-on baggage are mostly the same.

Depend on which airline company we select, there are small differences between sizes of bags allowed on board. But most of the time, you are able to take one baggage in regular size and one additional item, like purse, backpack or suitcase. To avoid excess baggage, before you go at the airport, check out permitted dimensions for each bag, you will find it at the website of your carrier. After you pack yourself, weight all your belonging, cause if it will be to heavy, you will paid for each kilogram.

Food & liquids
You may take on board any food you like, at least as long you are traveling to European Union countries. Otherwise, make sure of your destination place food policy, for example, you are not able to bring to the United States any kind of meals or liquids from outside the borders. And when you are coming back to Poland from Mexico, for instant, you are not allowed to have any products of animal origins in your baggage, doesn’t matter if checked or carry-on. Inside EU, yo can have food at plane, but in hand bag it need to be packed in original bag, with expiration date. Liquids need to me putted inside small, 100 ml tops bottles, and kept in plastic, transparent bag.suitcases-1205230_640

Hazardous materials
There are plenty of objects, you are not able to bring on board with you, some of it may look innocence at first, but international security policy for airplanes is very restricted. Make sure, that you are not having any objects with sharp edges with you, like scissors, knifes or nail-polisher, even umbrella with pointed edge is forbidden. Even if you hava a license for a gun, you cannot take it to your carry-on baggage. If you need to take any weapon on your journey, you need to put it inside the cabin, into special, payable kind of luggage. The same is with sport equipment of any kind.

Carry-on baggage is a perfect option for all those who aren’t require a lot of belongings for their trip. But before you choose that option, make sure that you are aware of what you can or cannot take on board. Hazardous materials, objects under pressure, weapons – you need to leave at home.