Check-in at airport, by internet or mobile phone

Every now and then, most of as are using airplanes to travel from one country to another.  It is much more convenient mode of transportation than train or car, because it is much more faster at the same distance. But even if your flight are going to last only for two minutes, most of the time you need to arrive at the airport two hours earlier, just to check-in. Sometimes, you can avoid that, using internet browser or mobile application for that.

Check-in at airport
If you are having a registered baggage, you cannot check-in online, you must to do that in person ( First, you need to find proper gate, dedicated to your flight, and go there with your baggage, unfortunately sometimes queues are very long, so you need to be patient. be sure that you have your ticket with you and all the others required documents (like ID or passport). You put your luggage at special weight, it will be measure and take away from you, you will get a ticket for it. Then receptionist will check all information needed and if everything is alright, she will print a boarding pass and you will be able to proceed another step, only with your hand baggage now.

Online check-in
If you are not having a checked baggage, you don’t need to be so early at the airport. But beware to check-in online. You need to do that at least 24 hours before your flight, otherwise this option will be inaccessible for you. To proceed it, you will require a printer connected to your computer. You have to visit website of your carrier and choose option of getting boarding pass. Then you need to find out your flight and type down all information the empty sections. You will need your ticket and seat number, and your ID. After you filled everything properly, you just need to print it. Remember to take it with you to the airport, and don’t forget ID or passport. airport-1119696_640

Check-in by mobile phone
For most of the flights, you are able to use mobile phone to check-in, without any additional applications, just with internet access and e-mail account. You need to visit domain of your airline company an log in using your ticket or reservation number. After you type it down, bunch of empty columns will show up and you need to filled it with proper information, using your ticket number and ID. After you finish it, they will send you your electronic boarding pass at your e-mail address, so don’t forget to take your mobile with you, or you may also print it at the airport. Check-in by phones is only available for passengers without registered baggage.

If you like to spend much less time at the airport area, you should consider not to choose registered luggage option. Otherwise, you need to show up two hours before your flight.