Check-in at airport

Traveling by airplane is very convenient mode of transportation. Flight is much more faster then driving by car, you can trip from one part of the Europe to another, within couple hours. But journey itself is not the longest part of this procedure. Sometimes, depend on location of the airport, driving from it to the city center may took even one hours. Another think is check-in. You need to be at the airfield at least half an hour before your flight, in case you get your boarding pass online and carry-on baggage only. Otherwise, you should arrive even two hours earlier.

Luggage and ticket check
If you do not have your boarding pass at the day of your flight, you may get it at the airport ( There are couple special computers that will print it for you without additional charge. Unfortunately, most of the airlines companies demand to get it at least one day before the flight. otherwise, you need to do it in person at check-in desk – this option is payable. Sometimes, there are very long lines for it, so you need to be patient. You can register your luggage at the same place. Stewardess will ask you to put it on a scale to make sure if it is not excess. Next you will need to give her your ID and ticket,  and if everything is correct, you will get your boarding pass right away. In some flights, especially long distance ones, isn’t available check-in online, so you won’t be extra charged for it. Another step is to enter security check zone.
Security check
This option is necessary in all kind of flights, even domestic ones. The guards will check your boarding pass and your passport and search trough your carry-on baggage. You will need to take of all your metal items, like earnings, watch or even hills, and put it in dedicated box. Guard will exposure it with special device, without opening your bags (check If you are planning to take any cosmetics or other liquids on board, make sure to but it in small bottles and gather it all inside transparent, plastic bag. It should be outside your carry-on in time of security check, cause guard may want to verify it closely. Remember not to take any objects with sharp edges, like scissors or nail-polisher, cause guards will trough it away immediately.

Flying by plane is not so simple as by train or car. There are restricted, international security policies for airplanes, so each passenger need to be verify properly. Remember ti arrive earlier at the airport, especially if you need to get boarding pass and register your baggage.