Checking flight ticket reservation online

Nowadays, most of passengers for a longer distance journey, are choosing air flights. The most popular way of getting our ticket, is to buy it online. Of cause, you are still able to do it at the airport in a more old-fashioned way, but using Internet for it is much more easier and quicker. If you already booked your ticket, you better double checked all the information on it, before your flight. It will help you to avoid any unpleasant situation during boarding.

Sometimes, when we are in big hurry, or we are just not focus enough, we may type down some errors in information about ourselves, during proceed of ticket reservation (lot.com). If you already paid for your ticket, make sure that something like that didn’t happen in your situation, before you get your boarding pass. Misspelling of your name, wrong birth date or home town, uncorrected ID or passport number – mistakes like that, may prevent you to enter on board, cause flying attendant may think you are not the same person who ordered ticket, according to your ID information.


If you are traveling by cheap airline company, you need to check out the online ticket, they probably send you after your payment. Search for any mistakes in names, addresses, sex, any requiring number of yours and your partner. Also, during proceed of getting boarding pass online, double check it, just to make sure. Sometimes some newly brides forgot that they changed their surname, and type down old one. If you are buying ticket for someone else, there is even bigger possible of any errors, so maybe check it out with that person. But the most common mistake is with date of journey. You are not to able to correct it by yourself, you need to call your carrier’s helpline to report it immediately. Unfortunately, most of cheap airline companies will charge you extra for any changes at your ticket.

When you are choosing scheduled airline companies, the price for each of your mistakes won’t be costly, as long as you report it fast. In the very same day of reservation, you may correct error date of your flight, using call center, without any additional charges. If you misspell your name or surname, you may change it for free, but only in case, when you need to correct three letters tops. Also, you may change type of passenger, from adult for a child for example, without any payment.

Any errors during the procedure of reservation your ticket, may happen to anyone. You are in a hurry, or you are thinking about something else. Because of it, it is very important to double check your information, the faster you do it the less it will cost you.