Child in airplane

All of us, every now and then, need to go abroad for some reason. We are going on vacations, visiting some relatives, going for a university, and many many more. Sometimes, we need to take our child on board with us. The bigger it is, the easiest our journey will looks like. But when you are going to travel with an infant, you need to know some rules about it toys, seat, food and many more.

If you are traveling with child younger then two years, you won’t get an extra seat for it, you need to carry it at your laps, but most of the time, price of it ticket will be 80% fewer. Baby this age, are not able to take any baggage, but you are allowed to take his pram with no additional charges. it will be takin away from you on board, and put inside the cabin by flying attendant. After the fly, they will return it to you immediately. Older kids, twelve years old tops, will get much more, even 50-70%, lower price of ticket, and they are able to take on board the same amount of carry-on baggage. Kids younger then 6 months, need to travel in special seat, appropriate for infants. in that case, you will paid regular price for it ticket. Also, you may choose this option for older child, instead of carrying it on your knees, but is also payable. In both cases, you need to bring your own seat, just make sure earlier, if it is proper for planes.

Food & Entertainment

Most of the time, you are able to take on board special milk formula for your infant, but it require a special king of security check. For older children you may take other food, but it has to be packed in original bag, with expiration date on it. If you are flying outside the European Union, you need to check food policy in each country. Some of them, like United States or Australia for instant, do not permit to bring any kind of food from abroad.


Remember, that your child is your responsibility, you need to make sure that it doesn’t disturb any other passengers. To make sure of that, take some toys with you, especially for long distance flight. Coloring book, board game, maybe tablet with some favorite fairy tale? Anything that will occupy your child will be enough.

Travelling with a child, especially when you are all alone, maybe very stressful moment. Infant may cry out from entire flight, and you won’t know what to do with it, and other passengers will be disturbed. Older kids are not crying a lot, but they are much more impish, they are getting bored right away. To avoid that, make sure to bring some toys on board, that will occupy your child.