Domestic flights

Flying by an airplane is cheapest then ever before. If you know ho to look for the ticket, you can find flights even for couple Euro! Because of that, this is the most popular mode of transportation right now. It is very convenient and fast, journey from Warsaw to Barcelona lasts for two hours. In Poland, more and more passengers also using domestic flights. It is mach more faster then railway, and you could find a ticket couple time cheaper. You are going for first flight like this? Here are couple useful information.

Since Poland became a member of European Union and Schengen Area, our flights are much more easier. If you want to go to any other member country, you don’t need to have passport and passing border check-in. It looks very similar to domestic flights. If you are planning a trip from Wroclaw to Warsaw for example, you can also select airplane for that. There are plenty of different companies offering it, as soon as you know the date of your journey, you better check out offers in the internet. Your flight will took like half an hour, you won’t be able to finish your coffee. But you need to remember, that airports are always situated outside the city, so you need to get from there to the center. But you can order a cab, or take one of public mode of transportation available.


Check-in in domestic flights is almost the same as in journey to other countries at European Union area. If you are having a checked baggage, you need to be two hours before your flight at the airport. When you arrive, you have to find the gate dedicated to the domestic flights and wait in line for your turn. Flying dependent will weight and measure your bag, to make sure it is in proper dimension. After leaving your bag, you also need to pass the security check. The regulations about the liquids are also restricted – you need to put any single cosmetic in a small, 100 ml bottle tops, and then gather all of it in transparent, plastic bag. Also any objects with sharp edges are forbidden (read more – ‚Äč The only difference between domestic and international (EU), flights is with required documents. To go from Cracow to Wroclaw you don’t need passport or ID, your driving license or student card will be enough.

Flying by an airplane from one country to another, is most of the time faster then the same distance paced by train. But you need to remember to add to time of it going from airport to the city center. Even if you are choosing domestic flights, you won’t avoid restrictive security check.