Duty free shopping on board

Nowadays, using airplanes as mode of transportation is much more common for most of people, then it was ten years ago. We are traveling for vacations, to work and study in different countries, for business trips. More, and more often, even in Poland, passengers prefer to flight from one city to another instead to take a train. There is nothing surprised in it, especially when we compare the prices. Another nice thing about airplanes is, that you are able to make shopping, in very reasonable prizes, not only on duty free zone, but also on board.

Good news for late people

If you were in a big rush before your flight and you have no time to get some nice souvenirs, alcohol or candies in duty free zone at your airport, you don’t need to be worried. Most of airline companies have in their ofert a lot of interesting objects to sell. So you don’t need to arrive two hours before your journey, just to find some great deal on perfumes, and then wait for half an hour in very long queue to pay for it. At the same moment when you get into your seat on board, stewardess will give you whole catalog of items, available to buy on board. During your flight, flying attendant will show couple of  more interesting object, available to buy. But even if you are not ready to pay for it immediately, you can take it with you, and make some shopping online, at airline company site. aerial-500503_640

What you can get there?

There are many people, for which big part of flying by plane is to make duty free shopping. There is nothing surprising in it. You can get there a lot of great deal of many kind of objects. Luxury perfumes of famous designer, high-class liquor, even couple times cheaper, delicious candies of your favorite companies, and if you are a smoker, all of brands of cigarettes, in very reasonable prices. it is good option for those, who are flying for holiday to country with much more expensive prices.  It is perfect place to buy nice gifts for you relatives, when you are getting back form your journey, and you forget to get them some souvenirs. Also, you can get some random stuff you needed, like snacks or beverages for your flight, or maybe newspaper or book. There are a lot of different kind of things available on board.

Duty free shopping is a lot of fun. You are able to explore a lot of different shops, searching for great deal. But not all of us have plenty of time for things like that. For those, the best option will be shopping on line. The same items as at the airport, in similar, reasonable prizes.