Food transport in airplane

When we are at vacations abroad, in some place with delicious cuisine, we sometimes like to take any of that back home with us, as a souvenir for a friend or ourselves. Inside European Union, there is no problem with it, especially, if it is packed in original, producer’s bag. Problem is when you are outside EU. Another thing is to bringing formula on board for our infant child. here are couple carrier’s policies about food.

Milk for a child
If we are traveling with a small, couple years old child, most of the time we need to feed it during the trip, especially if it is a long distance flight. In that case, we are able to bring a special formula prepared at home, with no limits. But liquids like that requires special security check. At the very beginning, we need to say guards about our cargo, and show them everything. They will open it, and ask you or your child to taste it. It will help them make sure, that you are not transporting any poisons or acid in it.

bread-1238394_640Inside European Union
You are allowed to transport any kind of food inside the EU area. If you buy some delicious French cheese in Paris, or tasteful chorizo in Rome, you may even take in into your carry-on baggage. at least it is packed. Cause you are able to transport only grocery in original, producer’s bags, with expiration dates on in. Other, unpacked food, you may transport in your checked baggage. In case of long distance flights, flying attendant may ask you to trough away any food, that may get spoiled quickly.  If you are carrying any liquid food, you need to treat it the same as cosmetics – packed in smaller then 100 ml bottles, gathered in transparent, plastic bag.

Outside European Union
If you are travel outside the continent, you need to now food policy in each country you are going to stay. Even if you just spend there couple hours on the airport. For example, United Stated and Australia, are not allowing ti bring any kind of food from outside their borders, so you may loose it after arriving there at the airport. If you are coming back from Egypt to Poland, you cannot have any products of animal origins in your bags, carry-on or checked – it doesn’t matter. European Union has restrictive food policy.

When you are traveling from one country to another, you need to be aware of different law regulations. Inside European Union is not a problem, but outside you may find a lot of surprising facts. So if you are planning a long distance flight to another continent, make sure you’ve got all information you need.