Group flight tickets

Group flight tickets can be purchased for ten or more passengers.  Many people belief that group tickets are always cheaper than individual tickets. It might be true, but not necessarily. Definitely, it is not the rule. Simply because selling the large number of tickets for low price wouldn’t be neither profitable nor favorable for airlines. Attractive price in such case is based on negotiation between purchaser and airlines. Obviously, it is possible to try to negotiate by yourself, but it is not necessarily the best solution. To bargain a good offer it is crucial to know average rates and tariffs, possibility of combining particular discounts and so on. Therefore, it is popular and beneficial to use services of an agent, who is specialized and experienced in that field.

As already mentioned, price of group flight tickets might be more attractive than individual tickets, but doesn’t necessarily have to be. So why is it still wroth to use group flight tickets? Many depends on experience and skills of the agent that making a negotiation as there are many options and possibilities that might be included in group flight tickets.
group-1034160_640First of all, group flight tickets provide greater flexibility in terms of changes in the reservation. While buying tickets for a bigger group, the possibility that something will change is pretty high. Most of airlines seem to understand that as they usually offer possibility to change the names of passengers in the booking almost until the last moment. Thanks to that, it is possible to use the same ticket for another passenger, in case somebody had to cancel the trip. Furthermore, cancellation policies are also less strict and more “customer friendly”. It is usually possible to cancel part of the booked tickets (usually around ten percent) without any charges or financial penalties. Needless to say, that both mentioned options are usually impossible when purchasing individual flight tickets.

Another advantage of group tickets are better conditions regarding carriage of luggage – both in terms of more attractive rates, as well as rules regarding oversized luggage. It might be particularly important for group of people travelling with specific, not standard items, as for example – orchestras or sport teams that carry big or substandard musical instruments or sport equipment. Furthermore, greater flexibility regarding the payment might be offered. It is often possible to have more time for making the final payment, in comparison to purchase of individual tickets that have to be paid during the booking procedure.