Hazardous materials prohibited in checked baggage

While travelling by plane you can have two kinds of luggage. One of them is the baggage that you can take with you on board. The second one is called checked baggage. This one you need to give away during the check-in procedure. You will receive it only after landing in the destination country.

Items and materials that can be carried in both types of mentioned luggage are subject to certain precautions. The list of items and materials that you can carry in hand luggage and checked baggage is different. Hand baggage is always carefully checked and screen at the security gates. Therefore, if there is anything forbidden, you will be asked to throw it away immediately. Even though checked baggage is also controlled and screened, many people still try to carry various hazardous materials and prohibited items. It is extremely important not to do so. Any bans and restrictions regarding carrying specific items arise because of security measures. Failure to follow the procedures can result in the risk of the safety of all passengers.

List of hazardous materials and prohibited items in checked baggage is rather long and detailed. However, it is worth emphasize once again, that these limitations are due to safety reasons, so it is extremely important to adhere to them. Therefore, before packing the luggage, it might be useful to read the entire list to make sure that your luggage will not include any prohibited item or material, which could pose a danger both for you and your fellow passengers.


All of the airlines have a detailed list of such items listed on its website – click here. Although the list of various airlines might differ slightly, it is still possible to list main categories of such items and materials, that are common to all airlines. So what cannot be carried in checked baggage? Prohibited items and hazardous materials can be divided into 3 main categories:

1. Explosive and flammable materials.
This category contains many items such as, for example, aerosols (except  limited amount of personal care items and toiletries), electronic cigarettes, cooking fuels, gas torches, lighters and tear gas. However, I mentioned only those products, that are often carry by unaware passengers.
2. Firearms.
Even though some unloaded firearms are eligible in checked baggage, there are also prohibited items in this category. For example: flares, gun powder or gun lighters.
3. Chemical and toxic substances
Including, but not limited to, paints and solvents, corrosive materials (including mercury and accumulators).