Holidays in Hungary – the best spots

This interesting country is very popular among tourist from entire Europe. Even if Hungary is not situated lose to seashore, still there are plenty attractions to explore in there. If you are planning one week trip you need to organize it well, so you will explore all relevant spots. Cause Hungary is filled with amazing places, also those not very popular right now.

Travel planning

If you are living in the southern part of Poland a car or bus trip to the Budapest will take about eight hours. It is a lot, that is why you better look for nice flights. Fortunately cheap airline companies are offering great connections from Polish cities to the capital of Hungary. Country is not very big, so another part of the journey you can spend in rented car or local train. To get the cheapest plane tickets possible try to look for those at least four months earlier. Also, you can be spontaneous and wait for last minute occasions, however it is too risky. While planning your trip do not forget to book accommodation. Hungary is not very expensive country, however Budapest can be costly, so you better choose hostels in there.

Sightseeing in Budapest

Hungary bridgeThe capital of Hungary used to be very important city in Empire of Austria, that is why it is filled with amazing architecture. The sightseeing you should start at the area of old town. At the centre of it lays tall hill, with amazing, Royal Castle at the top of it. It is interesting example of fortress, beautiful mix of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical architecture. It is worth to climb at the top of it to see astonishing, interior design of it chambers. Very popular spot among travellers and citizens is the Fisherman’s Tower. This lovely, Romanesque Revival buildings looks like a castle from fairy tale. Budapest is also filled with amazing, sacral buildings. If you like a Gothic architecture you have to visit the Mathias cathedral, on the other hand, the basilica of Saint Stephen is great example of Baroque temple.

Another destinations

After you finish sightseeing in Budapest, you can take a train to the east part of Hungary, where Hortobágy National Park is situated. It is great, lowland area, with primal, alkaline steppes at the entire area. You can also see in there local species of animals, including racka sheep, Hungarian grey cattle and Great bustard. About an hour car drive at the south of Budapest lays Szentendre city. At it area you can find one of the biggest open air museum in this part of Europe. It is dedicated to the Hungarian folklore.