How to get around the airport?

In present time, since airline companies are really popular in our country, more and more people each year are going for their first flight. his type of trip is stressful for a lot of individuals not only because of the flight itself, but also a lot of things going on at the airport. Here are several hints, that will help you to find everything you need on the airport – click hehre.

Main entrance

After you pass the first gates of an airport, you will enter the public area, where both, passengers and visitors are able to stay. You will find in there some coffee shops, restaurants and shops, where you may spend a time till flight with people, who transferred you to the airfield. In most of the objects, you can also find some repository. You can leave your baggage if you arrived too soon and check in is not available for you yet. Also remember, that any food you buy in this area you have to eat, drink or throw out. Cause you cannot access another gates with stuff like that.


If you decide to get a registered baggage on flight with you, be aware that you should arrive at the airport at least two hours before the flight, otherwise you may be too late. The place where check-in is available will be signed very well. Make sure, that you chosen correct gate, cause on the big airport you can find two different flights to the same destination. If you have problem with finding correct gate, you can track it on a map, or just ask someone from the personnel. After you leave the bag you will be able to go to the security pass. It is required, even if you don’t have any more luggage.

Security check

In this area you will met plenty of other passengers, therefore sometimes you can find very long queues. if you like to make sure you won’t be late for a flight, pass this section as soon as you arrive on the airport. Remember to take out from your baggage every electronic item you may have, like smart phone, computer or camera. In another case put your bag with liquids if you have one, you should also take away your keys, watch, jewelry and sometimes shoes. You shouldn’t be stressed it a gate start to beep on you, it happens all the time. When you pass the security area you will be able to enter a duty free zone. it is a perfect place if you like to buy some luxury item, like perfumes for example. You can also buy some liquor and cigarettes, almost without any limits. But remember, your purchase need to be able to fit inside your cabin, otherwise the stewardess may take it away from you.