Ideas for holidays with children

If you have ever travelled with children, you know how difficult it might be to plan engaging attractions for them. While adults might be interested in typical tourist sights, children usually need something much more engaging, otherwise they would not be afraid to say loudly that they are bored and want to do something else. This short article will present possible tourists attractions for children in two cities located in different continents.
First of them is Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. If you travel there this holiday, you can be sure that not only you will have a great time, but also your kids, as there are plenty of attractions for them waiting in Sofia. For example,  there is an amazing zoo. Founded as early as 1888, it is one of the best attraction for children. Among animals are lions, tigers, bears and elephants! Very close to the zoo, there is the Sofia Land Amusement Park, one of the biggest amusement park in Southeastern Europe. Furthermore,  Sofia Land Attractions Park offers many attractions such as amusement towers, a castle, roller coasters for children and so on. It is a perfect place to spend the whole day having fun!  There is also a place called Kokolandia Adventure Park, located pretty close to the Downtown. It is a great place for children to experience various games in nature, such as mini-golf, wooden stick, rope parapets and so on. Parents can either join them, or relax while having a drink. These are only examples of what to do with children in Sofia. There are also many other places as theatres that offer plays just for children, or local parks, perfect for picnic.lion-898223_640

Chicago has even more to offer. This city seems to be perfect for a holiday with kids. Famous Adler Planetarium, located in Chicago’s Museum Campus, will allow you and your children search for new planets, experience a tour in Destination Solar System and fly through Planet Explorers. Doesn’t it sound good? Every kid would simply love it! Adults too! Furthermore, in Chicago there is a Field Museum, where your children can see the world’s largest and best preserved T. rex! This is a dream of every small boy!  Furthermore, this museum is very interactive so kids could not get bored! Your son would definitely love also Volo Auto Museum, that hosts exhibits of popular cars from various cartoon and series. For example, there are exhibition perfect for kids, such as “Cars for kids” or “Disney Exhibit”.  There is no doubt – Chicago is a perfect holiday destination for any kid!