Munich is better than Berlin!

Most of the tourists, while thinking about visiting Germany, think mostly about Berlin. Other cities, which are equally amazing, are often forgotten. And this is the mistake! If you plan to visit Germany this year, you should definitely consider visiting another city, which has plenty to offer for visitors. This city is Munich – the capital and largest city of Bavaria.
Without a doubt, it is extremely worth to buy airline tickets Warsaw – Munich this holiday as this city has plenty to offer. First of all, it is a perfect destination for any beer lover. Munich is well known for famous Oktoberfest. This famous festival lasts as long as sixteen days and start at the end of September each year. Therefore, all beer fans should definitely consider booing airline tickets Warsaw – Munich for these dates. The atmosphere during the whole festival is simply amazing. Therefore, even if you are not a huge fan of the beer, it is still might be worth to go there, as it is once in a life time experience. However, if you are not able to visit Munich during the festival, do not worry. City is famous for the best beer in the world and you can try it throughout the whole year! Plenty of beer halls as well as tents are available the whole year, thus you can enjoy it whenever you will go there!

However, Munich has much more to offer than just beer. Around the city there are plenty of breath taking spots. It takes a short journey to visit amazing lakes, such as Tegernsee, Garmsich, Schliersee or Partenkirchen. Once you are there, you can enjoy this beautiful views, but also various water sports, as for example water skiing or knee-boarding. But there is also something else – once you are in this regions, you can also enjoy beautiful Bavarian mountains! Isn’t it amazing? And those activities are only examples! While in Munich, you can visit its amazing museums, as for example the Pinakothek which is an art museum, or the Deutsches Museum. There is also famous BMW museum, which is extremely interesting not only for adults but also for children! There are also many interesting historical areas and building which will allow you to learn about difficult but extremely interesting history of the city and country. Munich offers also many beautiful parks, which are perfect place for picnic with family and friends, for example The Englisch Garden. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait any longer – book your airline tickets Warsaw – Munich today and enjoy this extraordinary German city (PLL LOT)!