Vienna City

Nice trip to Vienna

Summer is the most popular season among Polish travelers, who are usually use July or August for their holidays. However, thanks to lovely weather, summer is also good enough for smaller, lasting one weekend trips. Especially since small, airline companies are providing very attractive prices on flights. If you are looking for decent place to visit, you have to consider the capital of Austria.

Mode of transportation

Vienna tripFor people, who are living close to the borders in southern west Poland, bus or train will be decent mode of transportation to Vienna. The city is placed about 4 hours drive from the Wroclaw. Plenty of bus carriers are offering transfers to the capital of Vienna, it is not expensive option. Train is a bit more costly, however it is more comfortable for sure. If you like to save a lot of cash on transportation and you like to have a convenient trip, do no forget about airplane. If you buy the ticket fast enough, like 6 months before the flight, you will be able to pay about 100 zlotys in both sides.


Vienna used to be a capital of one of the greatest empires un the world, therefore it is normal, that we may see in here such an amazing architecture. If you are admirer of elegant palaces you are in a right place. In Belvedere you may observe interesting interior design from eighteenth century. Schonbrunn Palace has amazing, French gardens around it. And the Hoftburg is great example of Renaissance architecture. Even enthusiasts of Gothic architecture will be satisfied in Vienna. In the central part of a city you will notice Saint Stephan cathedral, beautiful church, with breathtaking interior design. Also city hall is connected with medieval times, it was constructed in late, nineteenth century in Gothic Revival style.

Another attractions

The capital of Austria used to be very important, cultural area in this side of Europe. That is why you may see in there a lot of interesting galleries. Admirers of Austrian painters, especially Schiele and Klimt, will be lucky to see Leopold Museum, the biggest collection of both painters in entire world. In mumok gallery you will find more modern art. There is one, big collection of first modernists, like Dali, Picasso, Matisse or Kandinsky. Another sections of mumok are dedicated to the contemporary artists. Vienna is also famous because of it zoologist garden, in which you may see a lot of rare species of animals, like panda bears for example. And if you like to chill out with other people, go to the Wiener Prater.