Paris – a city of love

Paris is very often called a city of love. It is not a surprise, as there are many extremely romantic places and sites. It fully deserves to have the award of the most romantic city in the world.
If you look for a perfect destination for holidays with your second half, you should choose Paris! There are many reasons for that. First of all, thanks to numerous cheap flights France becomes to be more and more accessible. You do not have to save for ages to buy flight tickets or to take a long and tiring bus. Nowadays, there are many plane tickets for a very good price! Thanks to that, nature-road-279978_640you could definitely afford it, doesn’t matter how tight is your holiday budget. Furthermore, France is conveniently located so it will take only a few hours from any country in Europe. Thanks to this, Paris is a perfect spot for a romantic weekend trip, when you do not have the whole holiday, but you still feel like have a short and romantic trip with your second half, you to remind yourselves how much you love each other! Undoubtedly, Paris would be a perfect destination to heat up your love again! There are many romantic places. In fact, too many to cover all of them in one short article. Therefore, it will cover only the most famous one.
The most famous “destination” for couples is the love bridge. Previously, it was located in one of the bridge next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Not that long ago, all lockers were moved to other places, as it was a risk that the bridge will collapse from the heavy weight of lockers. However, new destination is still very close from the cathedral, so you should definitely do it! Imagine, how romantic it would be to come back there after a few years and find the locker with our names on it! Furthermore, you should visit the Island of the Temple of Love. It is a perfect place to watch a beautiful sunrise with your second half. The temple is located in the middle of a lake in the biggest public park in Paris which is called the Bois de Vincennes. You can reach this magical temple either by the bridge or in even more romantic way – by renting a small rowboat. Furthermore, Paris has many small and cosy restaurants, which are just perfect for romantic dinner. They usually offer not only delicious food, but also a great, romantic view!
To sum up – Paris is a city of love indeed. It has many extremely romantic places, which every couple would truly appreciate. Therefore, if you want to surprise your second half, you should definitely invest in one of those cheap flights France.