Paris from a different angle

Paris is a huge city, which hides the mass of monuments and notorious places all over the world. To visit them all would require a longer stay in the city and so the first time I probably would have sufficed time and strength.
However, there are places that are located in the immediate vicinity of typical tourist attractions and get to them does not take much time. On some it was known in advance, but some of them are the result of pure chance and follow tourists from China. Being in Paris now you can have the impression that they know exactly every nook and cranny of the city. When you are in La Fayette, which is famous luxury department store, it does not confine itself to visit the full splendor of the interior. Following the small steps we see a pleasant terrace on the roof of the gallery. On a base of artificial grass are set couches where you can relax and enjoy the view of Paris. While exploring the city you can find on the wall with the inscription “I love you” in different languages. It is located since 2000 at the Square Jehan Rictus in a small garden. It is a kind of monument lovers from around the world – after Paris, commonly called the city of lovers. Apparently nothing, because it is an attraction for 5 minutes but it’s always fun to hit chance for such a place. The more that it is located on the route from the Moulin Rouge to the Sacre

Then we should go around the Arc de Triomphe and the station located next door. The station goes on the vast observation deck. On the one hand a view of Paris from the Arc de Triomphe in a central location, and the other at the ultramodern buildings La Defense with the main point, which is the Grande Arche. Following the promenade towards the Grande Arche pass the various installations and sculptures. In the middle of the Esplanade is a multicolored fountain called bodies of water, where on weekends you can watch performances based on sound and light. We recomended flight to Stockholm: ‚Äč At the end of the promenade next to the Arc is a shopping center Le Quatre Temps, which at night lights up neon their entire square. When we are hungry, being in the vicinity of Notre Dame, take a break for food is in the Latin Quarter – these are just a few steps from the main street, and the prevailing climate there will definitely charm you. Along the narrow streets invested a lot of restaurants and bars, and souvenir shops. Three-course lunch menus where you can buy for about 10 euros.

We should remember that Paris is not only the everyday sights, but also an attractive place, the existence of which even we did not know.