Passengers with a medical certificate

A lot of people have problems to understand the registrations about carry on and checked baggage. They don’t know how to measure it, where get information they needed, many times security at check outs need to trough away plenty of items from their bags. But what about more advanced difficulties? Every now and then, we can meet special kind of passengers, having all kind of medical certificates. If you are planning a journey by airplane, and you are not a healthy person, make sure you are not needed some special documents to get on board.

Passengers on stretchers
If you need to get from one destination to another, maybe to get some medical treatment, and you are traveling on stretchers, you are still able to get on board of airplane. But you have to pay attention on some rules. You, or your guardian, before getting plane tickets, need to check out, if your chosen jet are able to carry you. You must call the information center of your airline company, and they will tell you, which plane you may use. Also, when you already booked your flight, you have to call them again to tell about your situation, cause in one plane can be only one passenger on stretches. You need to do that, at least 72 hours before your journey, and filled proper files, available at your carrier’s website.

aircraft-cabin-1229498_640People with oxygen tanks
When you are suffering from condition that required using of oxygen tank, you are still able to travel by airplane. But you have to be ready to pay some extra prize for it, and it won’t be cheap. Depend on length of your flight and chosen airline company, it may cost even couple hundred of Euro. All of needed information you will get calling at their information center. Also, you must to get they now about your  condition, at least 72 hours before your trip, and filled couple documents.

Another condition
If you are pregnant, sometimes you also need a medical certificate, especially if your fetus is older then 32 weeks. if it is younger, you just need to check it out with your personal doctor, but airline company have nothing to do with it. If you are a mother of a child, not older than 7 days, you will need to filled out medical certificate before trip. If your infant is traveling in incubator, you must to be sure if your airplane is able to take it on board.
People suffering from diabetes, are able to take all medicals they needed, and don’t have to get any certificate with them.

If you are planning a journey by plane and you are suffering from some serious medical condition, be sure that you are able to get on board of jet, without filling proper certificate. It will help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises at checking point.