Travel Airplane

Plan perfect vacations

Nowadays polish people are travelling whole around the world, since airline tickets became a lot more available for them. Sometimes it is hard to decide which destination to choose for future holidays. If you like to travel to some place nice for a penny you need to know how to proceed vacation planning. Cause accommodations and flights can be cheaper than you think!

Airline ticket

AircraftMost of the tourists from Poland are choosing European resorts as holiday destination. However even international flights doesn’t need to be costly, you only need to book it smart. Very important is date of journey, low season is always in better price. Therefore, do not decide to take weekend off in July or August, cause it will be more costly. Also, your vacation planning should start at least half year before date, airline tickets will be cheaper this way. Nowadays you can use special websites, which are offering the nicest deals on international connections. You only have to fallow there site and book anything interesting, as soon as possible.


If you book airline ticket already now it is time to find any decent accommodation. This could be very big cost, so try to find fine occasion. To do so you may use international website which is showing offers from hotels and hostels from whole around the world. Very often you can get some discount, and pay even 50% less for a room. Another way to save some cash is to rent an flat from owner. It is very popular option right now, you can even use a special portal, which is connecting owners with tenants. You can rent a room or entire flat, for one day or entire month! In most of the situations this option is cheaper than hostel, but be aware while you are choosing localisation.

Remember about visa

Nowadays plenty of Polish travelers are choosing trips to United States. If you are one of them don’t forget about visa during your vacation planning. People from Poland should get a special document if they like to enter this country. You have to take care of that before you book airline ticket, cause not everyone is getting visa, unfortunately. Document is valid at least for one year, so you can proceed it a lot faster. To do so, you have to contact American Embassy in Warsaw or Cracow and book a meeting with consul. He will interview you face to face, so you have to travel to one of those cities. They will require a lot of documents from you, about the family status, if you have a husband, children, how much you earn monthly.