Regulation about sport equipment in airplane

When we are planning journey by an airplane, we have to know regulations about baggage limits. If we won’t respect it, we will need to pay additional costs for excess baggage. Another issue is sport equipment. Most of airline companies allows to take many kinds of it on board. surfing board, bicycles, ski, snowboard, scuba diving equipment – all of it are permit, but with under certain rules. And remember, you need to inform your carrier about tackles like that before flight, using call center.

If you like to take this mode of transportation with you, you have to prepare it for a road. Make sure that your pedals are unscrewed, to avoid any hazards during flight. Also, take of your handlebar and stuck to the frame, motionless. The most important thing is to remove any air from your wheels. After all this preparation you need to put your vehicle in special, plastic bag or cardboard. Security will check if everything is packed properly.

Scuba diving
Every year, plenty of people are traveling to Egypt to admire spectacular water world of the Red Sea, and most of them are taking their own equipment. If you also want to take one with you, make sure that you fallow all the rules. First, you need to remove all the air from your oxygen cylinder, also, make sure that all the devices are switched off, and you need to be sure that you remove all of lamps and charger from it. Scuba diving equipment will be treated as checked baggage.
Surfing and windsurfing boards
This kind of equipment allowed additional costs and doesn’t not count into registered baggage. If weight of board and all additional stuffs are higher than fifty kilograms, you need to buy a cargo option for it. Unfortunately, not all of airline companies allowed  to packed surfing board with you, so check it out before you buy your ticket, cause otherwise, you won’t be able to take it.

Ski and snowboard
If you are planning to spend a Christmas break in Italian Alps, why not to go there by plane? Most of carriers allowed to take equipment like that to the airplane, you just need to buy dedicated sport baggage for it. In price of one luggage, you can take one pair of skis or snowboard, with shoes and poles.

If you are a huge sport fun, you are able to take all equipment you need to the airplane with you. Most  of the times. So if you like to avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure that your chosen airline company permit that. Before you buy your ticket.