Review of nicest airports in Europe

Nowadays travel by an airplaneĀ  is nothing special for most of the Polish tourists. Nothing surprising in that, cause we can pay for a planeĀ lot- polish airlines even lower price then for a train for example. When we are arriving on the airport we only like to leave it immediately and start our holidays. However, some European airfields are worth to be seen a little bit closer.

Barajas Airport, Madrid

This is the biggest and the most beautiful airport in the entire Spain. The architecture of entire object is phenomenal, it is nice combination of a vintage and really high-tech style. One half on airport looks exactly like a deck of an old, luxury ship, with all the ornamentation and cozy elements. On the other hand we may admire beautiful and modern replica of a space ship, everything is new and almost sterile. In Barajas you can also admire phenomenal roof, which was design in shape of a sea waves. It is made of bamboo tree, secured by huge stakes made of steel. This airport is able to transferred more than 35 millions of passengers every year.

Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

The capital of Germany has couple of international airfields on it area, however Templehof is the nicest and biggest one. Unfortunately, this object was closed down in 2008, but still you are able to visit it, now it is an area for bike races. It was constructed in 1939 by favorite architect of Third Reich, Albert Speer, and it was a true masterpiece of modernism design, for many decades. It contains one, huge terminal, in shape of an arrow, it length is half a kilometer. Inside of an arrow you will find an airplane lot, on the other sides were area for the passengers. This construction was an inspiration for many other architects, during designing another, big airports on the world. Thanks to the flat, small roof, a lot of airplanes of modern kind were able to land without any problems.

Franz Joseph Strauss’s Airport, Munich

The capital of the Bavaria is another place in Germany where we may meet very interesting airport. The construction of the object is very modern, almost everything was made from the glass and steel. It is the biggest airport in the country right now, every year it may transfer more than 35 millions of passengers. But this object is amazing not only because of beautiful architecture, but also thanks to it simplicity. It is very easy to bestir around it entire area, everything is sign very well. Especially important points, like check-in area or security gates are easy to find.