Frankfurt night

Short trip to Frankfurt

During the summer a lot of Polish travelers like to take a quick vacations and visit interesting destination for longer weekend. If you are looking for any decent option you should consider choosing Frankfurt, one of the finest metropolis in Germany. It is amazing city with plenty of monuments and other, travel attractions – LOT Airlines.

How to get there?

Tis historical city is situated close to the western border of Germany. If you like to drive a car you can use this mode of transportation to get there. German high ways are in very good shape, so the journey will take only few minutes. Another, interesting idea is to travel to Frankfurt by train. It is very comfortable option, you can even reserve a sleeping car and eat a delicious dinner in the restaurant. But the fastest and most comfortable will be journey by plane. From each, Polish metropolis you can go directly to Frankfurt. if you book tickets early enough you will be able to safe a lot of money. Also, try to book accommodation several months ahead, it will cost you less money.


ecb-2975134_1920Frankfurt is and always was very important, merchant area of Europe. That is why city owns very interesting architectural monuments. In the centre of city you will find Romer, amazing city hall, designed in Renaissance style. In the same area you should visit the Gothe House, amazing, Classical building, were those famous writer was born. If you are interested in sacral architecture, do not miss a trip to the Empire Cathedral. It is very majestic, Gothic temple, with sophisticated interior design. Another, nice church is a basilica of Saint Paul, one of the biggest temple in Germany. For later, but also amazing architecture experience you need to take a trip to the Liebieghaus. It is amazing castle from nineteenth century, designed in Romaneaque Revival style. Inside you will find huge museum of sculptures.

Another attractions

During the trip to Frankfurt you will be able to admire plenty of different attractions. First of all you have to go to the Museum of Natural History. It is amazing collection of skeletons of many species of dinosaurs. Very interesting experience will be take a tour to the City, modern district of Frankfurt, filled with skyscrapers. To admire nice panorama over entire city go to the Main Tower’s observation deck. Frankfurt also has one of the biggest zoological gardens in entire Europe. You will be able to observe in there rare and exotic species of animals, like penguins, panda bears, lions and giraffes.