Some reasons why you should visit Belgium

Belgium is one of the smallest European countries. However, it is definitely one of the most beautiful and breath taking at the same time. Therefore, if you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely visit it somehow soon.
Nowadays, there are many cheap flights to Belgium. Thanks to the competitions among flight companies, prices of tickets to Belgium has dropped down significantly within last few years. Thanks to this, you can find flight tickets not only at totally affordable price, but also at very convenient time and date. However, it might be important to remember about one thing. While booking your cheap flights to Belgium, you should remember that Belgium is not only Brussels. In fact, there are many other cities and towns that you will simply for in love with. Unfortunately, many people haven’t heard about them, so their trip to Belgium is often limited only to the capital city. However, it might be a mistake, as other cities might be even more interesting and beautiful. It is important, that there are many of them. In this short article we will only present some examples, which should be treated mostly as an inspiration for further research.

One of such cities is definitely a place called Bruges. This city is often described as the “Venice of the North”. Almost everywhere you go in this amazing and adorable town, you will see plenty of flowers, romantic and tiny bridges, as well as adorable and ancient houses. The combination of all of these things make this town one of the most beautiful places in the world! It is perfect for everybody – from young couples that look for romantic sceneries, to older people and families with children, that just want to relax and spend together some amazing time. Another city that is definitely worth a visit is Antwerp. It is the second largest city in this country. Even though this city is pretty big, it is much nicer than Brussels. Furthermore, this city hosts plenty of festivals as well as various cultural events every year. Thanks to this, everybody would find something perfect and interesting for himself / herself. Ghent, another nice city, is located as close as only half an hour from the capital city. It is a perfect place for visitors who are interested in history, old buildings (it might be enough to mention beautiful St. Bavo Cathedral) and art. Furthermore, in this place there are also many various festivals!
To sum up, Belgium has plenty to offer to any visitor and everybody will find something very interesting and exciting for himself / herself!