London travel

Summer vacations in London

Summer holidays is the most popular occasion to visit some place nice. Most of the travelers are choosing exotic resorts to be able to get tan and swim into the sea. However individuals, who don’t like to waste the time on activity like that, should choose some interesting metropolis with plenty of monuments to explore. If you have never been to United Kingdom before, you should consider to visit it capital – fly to UK with LOT.

Before the road

London tripEven if London is very popular among Poles, still flight tickets may be expensive, especially if you don’t have idea how to buy it. Cause popular connections like that are hardly ever on sale, cause airline companies don’t need to be afraid ┬áthat they won’t sell each seat. That is why if you like to save a lot of cash you should book a ticket couple of months ahead. Also, do not forget to book some decent accommodation. Capital of England is very costly, so you should choose hostel, it is the most reasonable option. Another idea is to book a room in some private person’s apartment. There’re special websites where you can met the owners.


This amazing city is filled with interesting architecture. one of the oldest buildings in London is the Tower, former fortress of Royal Family. Back in medieval times it was a special jail for political prisoners, like Mary of Stuarts for example. Probably the most popular building in entire London is Westminster Palace, home of British parliament. It is monumental, Gothic Revival building, founded in nineteenth century. One of it towers is inhabited by the Big Ben, probably the most popular clock in entire world. About ten minutes walk from the Palace lays Westminster Abby, complex of sacra buildings, designed in Gothic style. The most important is cathedral, where all of the Royals were coroneted and married in the past. In the underground part of Abbey all the former kings have their graves.

Another experiences

London is a home for first division of Mademe Tussaud Gallery of Wax Figures. It is great opportunity to take a picture with popular people, politics, actors, singers and more. If you are visiting London do not forget to visit Tate London. Is a huge gallery of paintings, it is great opportunity to see works of Gainsborough, Millet, Rossetti or Blake. Also Museum of Natural History is worth to be seen. It has amazing collection of dinosaur’s skeletons, it looks amazing. And if you like to admire amazing panorama over entire London, you can go for a tour on Big Eye, local big wheel.