Airplane traveling

The easiest method of travelling

If you think about methods of travelling, there are a lot of possibilities. However, when you think about the fastest one – it is definitely travelling by plane. Today, this article will focus on travel by plane and on the most popular- busiest airports in Europe.

AircraftThe busiest airport in Europe and the seventh busiest airport in the world is Heathrow Airport placed in London, the United Kingdom. The airport serves about 75,700,000 passengers annually. It is located about 14 miles/23 kilometres from London City Centre and it consists of five terminals. The airport operates worldwide destinations as well as European. The second busiest airport in Europe and the tenth busiest airport in the world is Charles de Gaulle Airport placed in Paris, France. It is also well-known as Roissy Airport and it is located about 16 miles/25 kilometres from Paris City Centre. The airport is named after the former president of the country that was in charge in 1960s. The airport consists of three terminals and it provides numerous destinations for the passengers who prefer to travel by plane. The third busiest airport in Europe and the thirteenth busiest airport in the world is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is placed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands about 5.6 miles/9 kilometres from the city centre of the capital of the Netherlands. It serves about 63 millions passengers annually. The airport consists of one terminal that is divided into three departure halls. The airport serves international flights as well as domestic. The fourth busiest airport in Europe and the twelfth busiest airport in the world is Frankfurt Airport located in the southern part of Germany. It is the main airport of the country and the busiest airport by cargo traffic. The airport serves about 65,000,000 passengers annually and it provides direct flights to about 300 different destinations located in Europe as well as in the other corners of the globe. The airport consists of three terminals and one special called Lufthansa First Class Terminal dedicated to premium passengers who travel in the first class of numerous airlines that serve the Frankfurt Airport.

Travel by plane can be a great activity for people who love to move from one place to another in a short time – check on It is also one of the cheapest method of travelling because the plane tickets are cheaper and cheaper these days. If you have not already flown, it is the highest time to change it and experience sky adventure.