The Polish city that you should visit

Many tourists, while visiting Poland, make a decision to visit the most famous cities, such as Warsaw, the capital city, or Krakow, that also used to be a capital city many years ago. Even though, those big Polish cities are also amazing and extremely interesting, it is worth to know that there are also other cities, which are often forgotten by tourists.
One of such cities is definitely Szczecin. Even though, it becomes more and more popular among tourists every year, still relatively small number of tourists make a decision to visit this city while visiting Poland. Therefore, if you decide to go to Poland, you should not make the same mistake. You should definitely go to Szczecin. There are plenty of very interesting things to see and do. One of the definite “must see” is the Pomeranian Dukes Castle. It was built in medieval times and managed to survive the bombings during the Second World War. If you decide to go there, you will have a chance to see some interesting exhibitions regarding the medieval times. Once you are in Szczecin, you should also definitely see so called Waly Chrobrego, as it is one of the most iconic symbol of the city. The whole complex has many terraces which are located on different heights. In Szczecin you will also have a chance to visit  very interesting museums. One of them is definitely the National Museum. Another one – the Museum of Technology and Communication, which is the newest museum in Szczecin.trees-1030014_640
Furthermore, Szczecin has many things to offer to people who like active way of spending their holidays. Not many people know that in this city, there is a whole complex of underground bunkers and tunnels from the times of the Second World War. Part of them is nowadays available for tourists to visit. In fact, you can even choose one of two offered tours. Once of them focus on themes regarding the Second World War. During the second tour, you will become familiar with the history and various facts regarding the Cold War. Furthermore, if you are a fun of active holidays, you will definitely enjoy sports that can be done on canals of the Odra river. For example, you can rent a canoe or kayaks.Is this definitely one of the best ways of spending the active time in the city, especially that the are to be discovered on kayaks is pretty wide and extremely beautiful.
As you can see, Szczecin has many great places to viit and many interesting attractions. However, you should keep in mind that those were just examples. In fact, there are much more.