Tourist attractions in London

London is definitely one of these cities, that everybody should visit at least once in their life. However, many people, especially the young ones, complain about high cost related to visiting and discovering London. To all these people, I decided to create a very short guide that would convince them, that you do not have to be rich to visit and enjoy London. There are plenty of tourist attractions, which you can enjoy totally for free!

First of all, there are plenty of very interesting museum, which you can visit totally for free:

1. Natural History Museum, where you can see amazing interactive exhibits. Museum has Dinosaurs gallery, Mammals display and Central Hall with the famous Diplodocus skeleton!
2. Once you are in London, you have definitely seen the River Thames. But what do you actually know about it? Are you aware that there are many amazing histories directly connected with the river? If you would like to know them, you should definitely visit Museum of London Docklands. Museum is located in 200-year-old warehouse. If you decide to go there, you will have a chance to hear the story of London as a port city.Tower_of_london_from_swissre

3. Museum of London, which is my favourite! Museum presents the history back from the prehistoric times, through Romans and Saxons time, up to civil wars and the plague. History is presented in a very interesting and engaging way, so there is no chance for getting bored!
4. The Victoria and Albert Museum, which is the  greatest museum of art and design in the world! It is a paradise to any person who loves art, as the collections present more than 3000 years of the history!

But even if you are not that interested in museum, you will definitely find something for yourself anyway!  Among plenty of free attractions you can choose among others those listed below.
Crystal Palace Park, located in South London, where you can see full-size dinosaurs! You can easily spot them between the trees. And if you want to learn more about the dinosaurs, you can also visit the Crystal Palace museum, which is also located in the park. It is also a good place for spending a lazy afternoon, just chilling out or reading your favourite book. There is plenty of green spots, and places where you can comfortably sit or even lie down.

In London, even entertainment might be for free! If you like comedy, you should definitely visit place called Angel Comedy Club. Shows usually start at 8 pm and guess what? They are for free! However, the show is extremely popular. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you will have a place, it is better to arrive early.