Transport of weapon and ammunition in the plane

If we are choosing airplanes as our mode of transportation, we need to be aware of couple regulations about baggage. In carry-on we cannot have to much liquids and food, or any objects with sharp edges. Checked baggage permit for it, but you cannot put any bigger sport equipment inside. And what about weapons? Every now and then, hunters or admirer of sport guns are taking flights, sometimes they like to take their toys pistols with them. It is possible, but under certain laws.

First rule about it, that there are no possible way to take any weapon, even without ammunition on board with us. What is more, we cannot also have any fake or plastic guns with us, cause we may pay a big fine for that. Kids couldn’t have any replicas of it, cause someone may use it to takeover the plane, in extreme situations.The only one exception of that, is special case, when policeman or solider are escorting danger criminal, but situations like that are very rare. So if you are not an officer of any public forces, it won’t be possible to take your gun on board with you. Also, you cannot take any ammunition to your hand bag, even without weapon, guards at check-in will trough it away intermediately.gun-615237_640

When is very necessary for you to take this kind of equipment with you on airplane, make sure, that your airline company allowed it, before you book your tickets. Also, you need to have a legal permission for each weapon and ammunition you are having, sometimes also recipe from place you bought the bullets. You have to warn your carrier about that fact, at least two days before your flight. Otherwise, it won’t be allowed. You are not able to put it in your checked baggage, you need to buy special one, dedicated for weapons and others hazardous materials. You will need to pay for each of your gun and ammunition case, prices may be different in another companies, but it will cost you at least couple dozen of Euro. Also, there are weight limits for gun for each passengers, you are not able to take more then five kilos.

Weapon at the plane is for many people very controversial issue, especially after 9/11 incident. Passengers are afraid of terrorists, that will take over the plane and crush it. Because of security policy, if you like to take your weapon to the plane, you need to fallow certain rules. You have to have permission for each gun, you cannot bring it, even with no ammunition, to carry-on baggage. The only way to take it for your journey, is to pay for special luggage, dedicated to the hazardous materials.