Try new holiday destinations this year!

Many people spend their holidays at the same sea almost every year. Very often they sunbath on the same beach, stay in the same apartment and even eat in the same restaurants. It might be nice, as coming back for already known things and places might give a feeling of safety and belonging. However, much more exiting is leaving the comfort zone. Even though it might be hard at the beginning, you will not regret it. Therefore, try something new this holiday. Visit other place, and other country. Try destination, you have never considered before! This short article will give you to ideas of holiday destinations, that might be an inspiration for you!
For people travelling from Warsaw Zagreb might be a perfect new destination. There are many direct flights so you will find really convenient connections. Furthermore, this city is extremely beautiful and there are many amazing sights to be seen. First of all, you should visit the Kaptol, which is an area of so called Upper town. You can see historic walls of the old city and become familiar with its old and fascinated history (which started in 1094 when the king build the first church in the area of upper town). It is a perfect place for a long but extremely nice walking tour. Another attraction during the Warsaw Zagreb trip is definitely Lake Jarun. Around the lake you can enjoy walking, driving a bike, but also just chill out in one of the cosy bars and cafes. What is even better – uring the holiday it is possible to swim in the lake or sunbath. Furthermore, Zagreb has many interesting museums. It is enough to mention such places as Postal Museum or Naïve Art Museum.architecture-1168136_640

Second suggestion holiday destination this year is Petersburg. One of the most famous building of the city is  St. Isaac’s Cathedral, made of hundred kilos of pure gold! This amazing building, built in 1858, was a home to czars. Nowadays, it houses the Hermitage Museum. Next to it, there is the Winter Palace. See also: This is a perfect attraction for the whole day trip! You can also visit Petersburg by boat. It is very popular as the boat trip on the River Neva will show you some of the city’ bridges (overall there are 365 of them!) and will show you the center town. After the boat trip you should definitely visit the Nevsky Prospekt, which is a grand boulevard of the city. It is a center of nightlife and shopping. Furthermore, you can see there the baroque Stroganov Palace as well as Kazan Cathedral. As you can see, historic buildings in this amazing city are located almost everywhere you go!