Untypical tourist attractions in Spain

Undoubtedly, Spain is one of the most beautiful country in the entire word. Because of this, millions of people visit this country every year. Most of the tourists fall in love with Spain and come back there regularly. Even though there are certain things, sights and places that simply have to be seen there and should be on the list of every tourists, there are also many other, more untypical attractions, which are definitely worth to see and do, once you are in Spain.
One of such untypical tourist attractions is definitely the El Transcantábrico – only with www.lot.com. It is a luxury rail journey, that will take you over four hundred miles from León and Santiago de Compostela. During the journey, you will be able to see also such places as for example Santander or Bilbao. What is even better is the fact, that you will be taken by  luxury coach to all of these places, where train is not able to fit. Even though this trip might be a bit expensive, it is definitely un unforgettable experience and one of such things, that are worth its price. Another untypical tourist attraction which you can experience in Spain is the whole range of festivals. Probably the most famous one is called La Tomatina. During this festival people throw at each other tomatoes! There are also some more crazy and less typical festivals, as for example this one called El Colcho. You need to check out by yourself what is so crazy about it!jeju-island-988916_640
Probably the most important thing to remember while visiting Spain is the fact, that the country vary a lot in different regions. For example, if you visit Catalonia first, and then move to Galicia province, most likely you will be truly amazed of how different particular regions can be. However, this is something that make Spain so unique and amazing. Therefore, if you want to discover some untypical and off beaten tracks in Spain, you should definitely visit small towns, or maybe even villages, in different provinces of Spain. For example, most of Spanish small towns and villages celebrate their own summer fiestas, and the celebration vary quite significantly from place to place. In some of them you can participate in street battles with the use of oranges or grapes. In other places, you will have a chance to admire flaming effigies. Doesn’t it sound amazing and untypical enough? It surely does! In the end there is also one more place which should be mention – Lanzarote, which is an volcanic island. Once you are there, you will be able not only to hike on the volcano, but also have a lunch cooked over an volcanic vent!