Why is it worth to visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam starts to be more and more popular tourist destination. It is pretty understandable, as it has plenty to offer to any visitor. Therefore, if you have not been there yet, it might be extremely good idea to choose this city as your next holiday destination.
There is a reason why Amsterdam is often called as “the Venice of the North”. There are many canals, that are simply amazing. The history of canals start in the seventeenth century when they were created in order to make sure that the sea will “stay” at bay. Nowadays, canals are listed as the UNESCO heritage. It is just another proof on how those canals are amazing and unique. In fact, it is almost impossible to be in Amsterdam and don’t see them. Furthermore, a “must do” thing for every tourist is to take a boat trip and discover them even closer. It is advisable to take the trip during the evening, when bridges and many other buildings are lit up with lights. Those lights, water and the overall atmosphere of the city create a very unique mix and unforgettable experience. It is worth to consider to take a cruise with the guide. Thanks to this, you will have a chance to discover the history of Amsterdam even better. Most of guides will provide you not only dry history, but also many interesting and amusing facts about the city and the canals, including the explanation why houses around canals where often called the dancing houses. Even though canals are the definite symbol of Amsterdam, there are also many other things to do and see.
glasses-955719_640Amsterdam is also well-known for a very good and interesting museums. For example, there is the Amsterdam Tulip Museum located in the Jordaan. Thanks to the visit in this place, you will have a chance to discover the connection between the Netherlands and famous tulips, which are the national icon. You could also hear and understand the story about so called “Tulipomania” which happened in the seventeenth century, when a craze for tulips were extremely high – check this: http://www.lot.com/pl/en/. One you are in Amsterdam, you should definitely visit also the museum dedicated to the most famous Dutch painter – Vincent van Gogh. The whole Van Gogh Museum is dedicated to the life and work of this famous impressionist painter born in the Netherlands. Probably the best thing is the fact, that you could see there some of the most famous masterpieces, such as various self-portraits of Van Gogh, as well as famous “Sunflowers” as well as “Almond Blossom”. It is an unquestionable paradise foe every fun of art.